Nutrimar Value Chain

Nutrimar strives to produce high quality products from fresh raw material. The freshness of our raw material is unique, as it is delivered to us through a closed vacuumized system directly from Salmar’s InnovaMar processing plant. This means that our raw material arrives at our processing plant only a few seconds after delivery.

In addition to this, we are able to control the flow of incoming raw material from InnovaMar to our processing plant. By using this unique method we are able to control both the quantity of incoming raw material and how the raw material is segregated. We can therefore receive clean salmon skin, heads, backbones and offcuts in separate deliveries in accordance with our production needs and wishes. This enables us to optimise the use of a natural resource to the fullest extent, and ensures that our customers receive a product of the highest quality.perla3-300x210

Using our vast production knowledge and the capability of our employees our products are produced in accordance to our customers needs. Our aim is to render a flexible production that answers the needs of the market in each instance.

Nutrimar´s location in Mid-Norway also serves a purpose. An estimated xxx tons of salmon is produced and processed in this region.

Nutrimar’s processing plant is situated in Frøya, Norway, and is built with state of the art hardware and technology, and a rigid quality system built for achieving the highest quality standards. Our production goes through a closed system of finely tuned and automated process from start to finish.

Nutrimar´s aim is to become a leading participant in the field of production technology and product development. Therefore we strive to maintain a close working and co-operative relationship with the academic and scientific research communities and other companies and institutions around the world.