Nutrimar has a long-term cooperation agreement with Norsk kylling, where chicken by-products are transported directly from their production line to Nutrimar’s factory. The by-products are hydrolysed and processed in a similar manner to that of the salmon line.

The end-products are chicken oil, meal and spray-dried hydrolysate which are sold in the aquafeed and animal feed markets.

The end-products consist of chicken oil, flour and dried hydrolysate which are sold as ingredients for aquaculture and animal feed, i.e., not dissimilar to the market channels where our salmon products are used.

The rationale behind Nutrimars interest in chicken products can be traced back to the company identifying opportunities for the use of these products as sustainably sourced, local feed ingredients for the aquafeed industry in Norway.

Nutrimar is a producer of sustainable feed ingredients.

Nutrimar is a producer of sustainable feed ingredients.